2LT Beckermann

Army Officer


Military Affiliation United States Army
Specialty Combat Infantry
File name Beckermann, Ephram L.
Birthplace Brooklyn, NY
SN 435-38-2264
Rank 2LT/O-1 (2nd Lieutenant)
Primary MOS 11A Infantry Officer / Military Tactician
Secondary MOS

One of Michael’s closest friends in Afghanistan, who saved the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division: “The Duke Brigade” on that horrible night Michael nearly died on.

On that night the rear of the convoy was able to rally due to 2nd Lieutenant Ephram L. Beckermann’s leadership. Ordering them into a brilliant counterattack formation, they repelled the ambushers and executed a successful strategic retreat. McGivney was rescued in the retreat.


2LT Beckermann

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