Albert R. Shears' VA File

Found by Father McGivney


Military Affiliation United States Army
Specialty Combat Infantry
File name Shears, Albert R.
Birthplace Fayetteville, NC
SN 432-45-6200
Rank SGT/E-5 (Sergeant)
Primary MOS 11B Infantryman
Secondary MOS


Albert R. Shear was a non-commissioned officer (NCO) who served in Michael McGivney’s unit.

One night in war-torn Afghanistan, Michael’s platoon was hit by an IED and pinned down by local militia fighters. Most of his friends and comrades were cut down including a camera crew that was there filming. The rear of the convoy was able to rally due to 2nd Lieutenant Ephram L. Beckermann’s leadership. ordering them into a brilliant counterattack formation, they repelled the ambushers and executed a successful strategic retreat. McGivney was rescued in the retreat.

Albert was well liked by his unit and had been like an Uncle to young Michael. The now Father Michael McGivney was a bit shocked to discover that his old Combat Infantry Senior Sergeant was still alive and stateside here in Silent Hill.

Albert R. Shears' VA File

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