Session 03

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Marice’s Margin Notes, Page 213

Journal Entry:

As we entered City Hall and found it as empty as all the other buildings in town, we looked around some of the downstairs offices and found nothing. We decided to ride the elevator upstairs and were suddenly in for a Hellish ride the G-forces nearly tearing us apart, young Mr. Andrews was the closest to the control panel and as I yelled for him to hit the emergency stop button, I had the feeling we all came very close to dying in that instance. We emerged on the 2nd floor and could hear the sounds of someone typing on an old manual, non-electric typewriter. We followed that sound back to the office of Municipal Judge Margaret Holloway that we found working at her desk despite no other staff being present in the building and the dwindling population outside on the streets of this eerier small town.

She just sat there at first typing away like we weren’t even there, on her old non-electric manual, typewriter, with a piece of carbon paper between her pages. Unenthusiastically she turned to face us without any sort of expression on her features. She let us use the first-aid kit in her office and seemed to want to help us find some answers as we lead her outside,… where she locked us out!

Not at all pleased by this, we turned on the door and began to smash our way back into the Courthouse. When a very clear and commanding voice female voice and held out my M16A2 Service Rifle to my side in a very nonthreatening as the three of us slowly turned around to see a Ryall State Corrections Officer. We all talked for awhile, shared information with each other and soon won her over that we poised her danger. She too warned answers about this abnormal town and told us that she was looking for an escape prisoner. She asked us if we had seen anyone and I told her about our encounter with Municipal Judge Margaret Holloway and meeting a man named George Sewell the A&B Burger restaurant.

Officer Anne Cunningham then told us that George was the escapee and suspected killer she had been pursuing from some time now. She told us the local police station could be used as a safe-house and how we could get in. Anne also said that she believed it to be a good idea to pull together our resources to find a way out of this town. But first she wanted continue with her man-hunt and she would met up with us later.

As we re-entered the lobby of City Hall, Maurice and I noticed two paintings that we hadn’t seen the first time. While Jared rushed past us, going up the stairs to the 2nd floor, Maurice and I examined the pictures. First off they weren’t very good quality in there workmanship or artistic level, exceedingly poor done. Second, there subject matter was something dreadfully inappropriate to be up on display here for public viewing. Maurice and I drawing on different academic backgrounds both drew the same resolution on these pieces, they were both deeply and directly tied into a number of ancient occult influences. Greatly disturbed by this information, we quickly went looking upstairs of Jared.

We found him alone in Margaret Holloway’s office looking for clues and we joined in to help him search. I looked in her trashcan and found her discarded sheet of carbon-paper and used it to see want she had been typing. We uncovered a message full of occultism references and warning somebody that they should return to the fold. Finally these two stopped trying to explain everything away as: “Just a coincidence,… ” and noticed how the town itself had been trying to block us, at nearly every turn.

We went outside and had been walking for a few minutes when I noticed a manila file folder on the ground in front of my feet. Picking it and read though it and was shocked to discover the NCO from my Infantry Unity “The Duke Brigade” Combat Infantry Senior Sergeant Albert R. Shears was not only alive and stateside here in the Silent Hill Veterans Affairs Center.

As I was relaying this information to Marice and Jared when we witnessed a winged horror which very much looked like a pterodactyl attacking a man, as Jared and I shot at the thing Marice searched for something to arm himself with. The young man under attack had been fighting back with a heavy plank of wood and before we could bring the creature down, the young man fell before the monster. I ran to see if there was anything that could be done to help him. He was already pretty far gone and so I reached into myself to put forth a part of my own self, willing him back to health. Surprisingly his health suddenly improved and his condition was remarkable. I provided us group cover as Marice and Jared carried this young man towards the safe-house of the local police station.

Session 03

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