Session 04

Marice’s Margin Notes, Page 214

Journal Entry:

We made it to the police station and found the key to open the door under the rock where Anne said it would be. Once we were in Jared took our new friend to a cell and placed him on a cot there. All of us split up and searched different offices, the dispatch-room, the break room area, locker-room and showers. We loaded ourselves with equipment to stay alive and even had walkie-talkies for communicating with. Maurice found more of those ziclock packages of slightly off white power in different offices. However the oddest thing that he found and brought out to show us was a black silk bag and inside was a blood red hockey mask. We all looked it over and took turns scrutinizing it in manner of different ways, yet none of us dared to put it on!

After this Maurice went to check on our patient to see in generally how he was doing. While Jared and I kept up own individual searches throughout the station. Jared somehow found a key to one of the lockers and we opened it and found full policeman’s equipment, including uniform and hoodie. I emptied out the locker and gave what I thought would help him the most from this and took the rest to Maurice. Once arriving in the cellblock our friend seemed a bit spooked, but also relaxed once we had joined him.

There had been no changes in our patient’s condition and it was Maurice’s suggestion to look in my medical kit to see if it had smelling salts or something like it inside. After a quick search it turned out that my comprehensive 260-piece mobile emergency trauma first aid duffle bag did indeed have something along those lines and woke the unconscious man. He told us his name was Chris Renfroe and that he was a truck driver, and then however wouldn’t say much of anything else. We asked him if he was hungry, to which he replied that he wasn’t, but when we offered him food he ate like it was his last meal. Why would this man we rescued keep information from us?

Outside the police station a fogbank suddenly rolled in and a shadowy figure walked up to the front door and knocked. It was a postman which we let in. He was very friendly and introduced himself as Howard Blackwood and he had letter to deliver to Maurice from his wife which was postmarked two days after she died the return address was at Alchemila Hospital that included a room number. Quickly I wrote a letter to my parish informing them of our station and asking for them to help us find our way home. Mr. Blackwood took it from me, left the station and as he walked away the fog seemed to follow him away.

After that Chris broke a chair and then used it to break inside another locker, he only seemed to be instead in taking the police hoodie, leaving the rest behind. So I took the remaining equipment and deviled it up between Jared and Maurice so that they were equally outfitted. Since I had the heaviest weapon, I ended up not taking any of the armor or weaponry for myself. Chris was also given a flashlight and an even had walkie-talkies for communicating with the rest of us. We matched out to the parking lot and found the squad car that we picked-up and Chris wanted to check under the hood before we left.

It was then that the ground began to rumble and shake as if there were a number of localized earthquakes violently beginning felt as we loaded into the car. We loaded into the car and then we noticed Chris had vanished! Maurice hopped out the close the hood and that is when we all saw the giant child slowly walking down the street, filling the skyline and destroying anything underfoot. It reached down and scrapped something up off the street with its’ massive thirty foot hand. To me this would explain the missing people of the town and all of the earthquake like damage everywhere. My friend’s begged me to shed some insight on what we were seeing. The only thing that came to mind according to some ancient mythologies the first gods, were the fundamental components of the universe which emerged at time of creation as Giant Children.

I was not sure if this was what we were seeing or not, but I was impressed with the way Jared was handling the car to avoid the path of the giant child. We made it to the high school and the giant seemed to disappear from sight, as we brought the now wrecked police vehicle to a halt right outside in the parking lot.

Session 04

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