Session 05

Journal Entry:

We made it to the High School now once again all was still, no moment at all on the outside anywhere and it appeared to be the same way inside the school building, just from what we could see. So the three of us when went inside and then we headed towards the principal’s office. On the way there we could hear odd sounds and movement in the hallways. We even spotted a few of those horrible creatures without faces lumbering around in various places. We were able to make it to the office and being our investigation, right away Maurice found some odd information which seemed very strange. While Jared and I found a news article about an inspirational female cheerleader that was paralyzed in an unfortunate accident, while I was touched by her story, Jared seemed unimpressed.

As we left the office, we noticed more and more of these faceless creatures seemed to be drawing nearer and boxing us in, limited our movement. Making it very difficult to get back outside the school, however when we walked through a central breezeway that revealed to us that the temperate had now become the heat I knew in war-torn Afghanistan. We ducked back inside the school still look to find a way to the parking lot. We took a staircase downwards and found the gym completely full of the faceless beings in the middle of a soundless basketball game. Four a moment we watched speechless and were unable to look away from this eerie spectacle, but then we heard doors opening and closing from all directions and now we noticed shadows looming all around us in the hallways.

We took another staircase spiraling upwards and on one floor there was a large window opened revealing the desert like conditions of the climate outside resembled. We found our way to the hallway right outside the auditorium and thought we might find an exit to the parking lot from there. We entered into total darkness and I took out my Police LED Tactical Flashlight to spread a bit of illumination to this room and found it completely filled to its fifteen-hundred -seat capacity with these faceless beings. I turned it back off and there wasn’t any movement of sounds at all, so I clicked it back on to see that none of them had moved or even seemed to notice us at all.

We saw this as a good sign and headed towards the stage complete with faceless actors and backstage crewmen. As the three of us drew nearer to the stage, Maurice could tell that Jared was shivering apprehensively and reached out give him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. Entirely without warning Jared screaming and cursed out loudly for Maurice not to touch him! With this we could all see each and every head turning to stare at us. All three of us run towards the stairs leading to the stage, headed past the currents and to the back of the theater to find large exit doors. Now back outside we found the converging of various past manifestations we had faced before.

All the cars in the parking lot perfectly matched each other, the sands of the desert whipped all around us, while a giant child drew ever nearer. The shadows of soldiers also could barely been seen moving towards us and faceless people started coming out of the school. Desperately I turned on my Police Walkie-Talkie to call out for help. Instead we received a frantic sounding call for help from an Infantry Brigade that was pinned down by enemy fire. Maurice and I glanced at each other, and then both nodded to one another as Jared called out to us that he found a truck with the keys under the floor mat.

I reached again for my Police Walkie-Talkie and IDed myself as Private First Class Michael McGivney of the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division: “The Duke Brigade”. This drew a strange look from Maurice, who I am guessing hadn’t expected to hear me respond in such a manner. Maurice and I both climbed into the back of the truck and told Jared to drive and as I continued to speak with the other solider, we noticed sudden changes occurring around us. Firstly the giant child began to cry then with a scream disappeared, secondly all the faceless people following us vanished, and then thirdly the desert and the soldiers were also gone now.

The three of us looked around, finding it hard to believe that we were still alive. Maurice and I joined Jared in the cab of the truck and I asked him to drive us to the Silent Hill Veterans Affairs Center. We arrived right as the sun was setting and all of us went inside. During the ride over I had explained about that one night in Afghanistan where I had suffered from an instant of cowardice, and how it had haunted me ever since. How I had thought that my old NCO Senior Sergeant Albert R. Shears was among the fallen that had died that night and how the man was like the father I never had, but always wanted.

We went to his room and found it empty save for Albert’s journal and at first I did want to invaded the man’s privacy, however we were in the middle of an investigation and we needed to find out some answers. As I was reading it many of his experiences and feelings here in Silent Hill were the same as my own. After I was done reading it, I carefully gathered it into a cloth and folded it up. As I was placing the journal inside my small tote bag I noticed something glinting from inside the wardrobe of Albert’s room. I opened it to find my old Army ASU “Dress Blue” or my Army Regimental Uniform or Military Fancy Dress Uniform, whichever way you want to call them. I also gathered them up into its Garment Bag and we headed back to the Police Station to rest and regroup.

Session 05

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