Silent Hill has the power to embody the most potent parts of a person in a very real way, namely as people who can walk, talk, and even seem to live and breathe.

These ‘people’ can be born from desires of interminable depth. These ‘people’ are typically harmless, unless they are rejected by those whose desires gave them form. These ‘people’ can also be brought into existence by guilt of past crimes, and they show the wrong that harmed them, whatever the traveler in question did to them. If these people died in the outside world, then they will bear what wounds killed them, but they function anyway, even if that should impossible. Whether these manifestations are illusions or something else is unclear.

Towns and cities the world over have monsters, those who are little more than walking, talking killing machines surrendered to dark habits and horrible thoughts. In the outside world, most of these are at least hidden by a veneer of civility. Like many other places, Silent Hill has its monsters. Like nowhere else on earth, these monsters are real, with no illusion that they are anything else.

Perhaps if these creatures matched classic descriptions of frightening creatures, they would be more tolerable, since human beings find definitions and names comforting. These creatures match nothing described before. They even warp anew for each traveler that enter Silent Hill.

Accounts of the creatures are different with each traveler. Some describe airborne, fleshly bunches of blades that spin endlessly. Monsters that are over 9 feet tall with long, muscular limbs have also been reported. Silent Hill seems to like to keep the creatures ‘interesting’ for each person who travels through it.

The lone quality of monsters that proves to be beneficial to Silent Hill’s guests is that each monster interferes significantly with electronic devices, making them blare noise and static. This noise even has a pattern to it, but few note this phenomenon, as they are usually in fear for their lives when the static sounds.

Certain creatures, powerful and dangerous, seem to be especially designated to serve some higher purpose. These creatures are known as Guardians. At least a handful are human, or mostly human, and are unmistakably tied to Silent Hill’s power. Some Guardians are more intricate, intelligent monsters. They are unflagging stalkers or defenders. Even if they seem to be slain, they will return again, only to continue their purposes.

Guardians are relatively few in number, which is a very good thing.



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