Recent History:

A development group decided to take a hand in Silent Hill’s revitalization. Their first meeting with the town’s leaders was in 1966. They had a number of proposed renovations, and they had a clear vision of where the town needed to go. This all seemed good to the mayor, so he gave them the go ahead to proceed with their plans.

Their progress was remarkable. They were good to word, and even more. The hotel was first on their to-do list, and they saw that it was made the example of color coordination and taste. Silent Hill’s mayor couldn’t be happier, and he even said so. He wanted the group to continue on, as fast as they could. This turn of good fortune was not to last, though. The mayor died mysteriously one night in his home. No one could identify the killer, and the method of murder remained a mystery. Even so, the development group continued with their projects undeterred. At one site, a foreman died when a beam crushed him. The group mourned his passing, but they had been paid to do a job, so they continued on. They were less determined when their manager fell victim to a collapsing scaffold. Even then, they decided to go on. They finished the Lakeside Amusement Park before they lost another member of their group. Over time, each member of the group met with an accident that ended his life. When the last few decided to cut losses and run, even they met with a accidents, as one’s car collided head-on with a tractor trailer while another drowned after a bridge collapsed beneath his truck. Silent Hill’s strangeness took a more obvious turn in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Drugs with strange effects spread among both townspeople and tourists. Disappearances and odd sicknesses occurred with alarming frequency. Fog began descending on the town, thick as soup. When the townspeople thought that their town couldn’t get any stranger, something truly horrible happened. The exact nature of the event is uncertain, but from that point forward, Silent Hill was transformed, and all its former problems ceased to matter.

The Town


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