'Normal World'

This was the first sign that Silent Hill had become warped. A thick, claustrophobic fog descended on the town. Modern technology affords no help, as not even high power satellite-imaging has pierced the fog. Silent Hill’s fog also seems to distort and muffle sounds, making sound travel far less than it should. Dragging sounds become a grinding, like chum grinders were running in the background, chewing up human flesh.

Daylight provides some illumination. At 10 meters, the die pool penalty is -1. At 20 meters, -2. At 30 meters, sight becomes impossible.

At night, the situation worsens considerably. At 10 meters, the penalty is -3. With a
source of light, this penalty is reduced to -2. At 20 meters, sight becomes impossible. As sources of light don’t help much, traveling at night is a dangerous proposition.

Dotting the streets of Silent Hill are trucks, cars, vans, as well as other vehicles, without number. Almost all of them are up against the sidewalk, seemingly parked, then never used again. One and all, they are nonfunctional, even though all the parts seem to be in working order and gas is in the tank.

Why these vehicles were left alone is unclear, since, if some catastrophe had befallen the townspeople, and they were aware of it, then one would think that they would have tried to flee their doom. Whatever happened, the cars stayed where they were parked, unused and, now, unusable.

According to some accounts, snow falls in Silent Hill. That fact by itself is not so odd. What is odd is that it falls no matter the season. In the summer, the snow is every bit as thick as it is in the winter. No matter how thickly or often the snow falls, it never accumulates past an inch or two.

Not all travelers agree that the slowly drifting substance is precipitation at all. Some say that it is not snow, it is ash. If the coal seams below the town are burning as the authorities have said, then it would make sense that ash would be drifting down on the town. If the mines are not burning, then what is the source of the ash?

Power still works in Silent Hill, which is odd, considering that it has been effectively abandoned for years. This does not seem constant across town, as the street lights never seem to turn on, but the lights in the local bar are always shine.

Power works sometimes, but trying to use water is even more of a gamble. Lucky travelers will get water that is rusty and filled with minerals, but otherwise palatable. Unlucky travelers will think that nothing happens, only to be surprised by a thick, crimson liquid that gurgles out of the spigot. Closer inspection reveals that it is blood.

Power and water may work intermittently, but the phone lines are always dead. The phones may still ring, though. Answering means anything from hearing a steady breathing to carrying on a conversation with someone who has abandoned sanity long ago. Inspecting such phones will reveal that they have no connection to any line. The same is true of other technology: cellular phones reveal mysterious text messages, laptops loop video clips, a GPS may show an unusual coordinate.

Strange, cryptic messages are left all over town for people to find. Their writers and meanings are uncertain. Some seem to be warnings, but no consistent pattern emerges. Considering where most of these messages are found and in what medium, though, no logical conclusions can be drawn about who left them.

Echoes are leftover traces, vague messages that are sent from Silent Hill. Maybe these appear due to the tenuous nature of time in Silent Hill. Perhaps they manifest for an entirely different reason. In any case, the town produces sounds, sights, smells, and feelings that don’t seem to have any cause, but seem to be connected to the location where they occur.

Supplies and Equipment
After a short stay within the town limits, travelers recognize a very practical problem: supplies are few and far between. Whether they were taken with residents as they fled or whatever had remained has already been used by previous visitors, the fact remains that everything from food to bandages is hard to find.

For some reason, Silent Hill will sometimes provide visitors with equipment, like flashlights and maps, and supplies, such as bandages and ammunition, though rarely in large quantities.

The Town

'Normal World'

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