Session 02

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Marice’s Margin Notes, Page 212

Journal Entry:
As we waited in the hotel bar for our taxi to arrive there was a loud commotion in the lobby as two EMTs from the Toluca Regional Medical Center were picking up a patient and had just been given orders to rerout them to Alchemilla General Hospital. On their way out one the EMTs struck his head on the doorway and nearly knocked himself out. I rushed forward as did Maurice to lend a hand and the two of us loaded the stretcher into the back of the ambulance while the first EMT went to work on the second one. That EMT who we learned name was Chad Billow, in part that he introduced himself as: “Chad” and his name tag read: “Billow” as his last name. The proprietor of the Lakeview Hotel, Mr. Hamilton Stepford was there too, but seemed to disappear when Jared came out of the hotel to join us out front.

Then there was the sound of a terrible auto accident in the road down the hill in front of the hotel, as simultaneously all the lights went out, inducing my penlight and the lights on the ambulance. Jared got out his zippo-lighter to shed a small amount of light for us to see by and then the world went very weird. Everything turned into an unearthly and artificial almost like a 90’s looking videogame. A strange looking fogbank rolled in and a figure stumbled up from the road where the sounds of the wreck came from. I approached thinking that this might be someone that could have been injured and that is when we could all see that this creature had no face.
It lurched at my throat and that is when Maurice leaped into action, grabbing the thing by its arms and begging me use my faith and tools as a Priest to drive this fiend away. I tried to call upon the power of Christ and Mother Mary to compel this thing to go back from whence it came… but nothing happened. Jared rushed forward warning Maurice to get clear as he used an aerosol can and his lighter to create a homemade flamethrower, just not very much happened as a result. I motion to the other two to get behind the gurney with me and the three of us could use it as a batting-ram together. We actually were able to knock the thing down and trap it under the wheels of the gurney.

At this point Frank came out from the hotel to see if we were alright and wanted some food he took the liberty to order for us. We noticed that the world seemed to return to normal at this time. The faceless creature was now gone and Maurice and Jared seemed to change their point-of-view that our now missing attack must have been a psycho wearing some type of Halloween mask. We followed Frank inside to eat and once calming down and finding out that no one in the Hotel remember seeing either of the EMTs or their patient. At this time we decided to return the ambulance to Alchemilla General Hospital. We loaded into the vehicle and I determined to contact the Hospital ambulance dispatcher, to which some did answer me on the radio, however once IDing myself and explaining that we were returning their abandoned vehicle to them, no one responded at all.

We drove towards Alchemilla General and as well approached a bridge and male child of about twelve ran out-into the road in front of us. Jared who was driving lost control and our ambulance went flying off the road and under the bridge. When we all awoke it was morning and our vehicle was completely destroyed. However, other than a few minor scratches and bruises none of us seemed to suffer any genuine injuries. We walked back towards the small town, spending the next thirty mins., or so trying to find people and a open place of business. We ended up finding Annie’s Bar Open, but no one was there at all. We ended up finding a large number of ziploc packages filled with a slightly off-white powered just laying everywhere, which none of us seemed to have any idea what it was.

So next we tried both the office and public pay-phone, neither one worked and I also lost my change,… of course. Next we thought we might try the A&B Burger again, seeing to how the bottled water, bar-nut and pickled eggs, just wasn’t really cutting our hunger. We left a fair amount of money of the counter, next to the register then headed towards the restaurant. As we walked the climate suddenly shot up to heat that I knew roasting temperature of Afghanistan and quantity of native birds fell from the skies cooked alive. As we drew nearer to the A&B, on the horizon appeared the shadows of Desert Soldiers and they would soon be flanking us. I urged my companions to make haste to the diner, at which we all ran as fast as our now heat exhausted bodies would allow us to move.

We hit the doors of the A&B Burger and as the rushing cold air of the restaurant’s A/C almost took our very breath away. Behind the counter was a man who intrudes himself to as George Sewell, he also was stranded here alone and confused as to the lack of people in town. We invited him to join us and we could all work together to leave this place. He said he’d rather travel by himself and didn’t seem to have much information to share with any of us. Maurice went to the grill to start cooking and Jared dispensed us some cold soft drinks. I tried again to call my parish as I picked up the receiver I heard a raspy voice whisper “Don’t trust him” then phone line went dead. I hung up and then spotted a graffiti-style sign on the back of the Manager’s office-door which read: “Get back to work!”

I went to check on my friends to tell them about the odd voice on the phone and show them the message written on the back of the door. Right away I noticed that George was gone, however neither one of my companions hadn’t seemed to be aware of this fact. Both took a look but neither seemed impressed or bothered by the strange letters written on the door. We ate and rested up then Jared loaded his bag up with bottled water. Leaving some more money near this register we then headed out onto the street only to find our path blocked by earthquake damaged streets.

Following Jared gut instinct of cutting through an adjacent building to go around the ruined streets worked out well, with only one drawback. Was the warehouse we were using to cut through was an active slaughterhouse. All of us were noticeably unnerved and slightly nauseated by the slaughterhouse stockroom, but once outside we faced something else unsettling on two firearms on separate park benches. Directly in front of Jared was a Police Issue Glock 9mm on the bench in front of me was a M16A2 Service Rifle. A sense of dread came over me, as a felt that I was being forced to become the soldier once more that part of my life that I never wanted relive again. First I approached the weapon and visually scrutinized it, then with a prepared sense to accept this fate forced upon me and with trembling hands picked it up. It felt like my old weapon on my hands, even down to personal adjustments from comfort sake.

What was this? A well made, well cared for and fully loaded military issued weapon just appears on a bench outside city hall? Not only that but it felt as though it could almost be the same weapon as the one that had been issued to me in Afghanistan, it looked as if I must become an amalgam part priest, part soldier and part medic, using all of my skills to best serve as well as defend my friends and charges.

Session 02

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