The Summons

Since Silent Hill is closed and condemned, none would expect to receive communication of any variety from inside the town. Silent Hill defies these expectations.

Almost everyone who enters Silent Hill was beckoned. The nature of the beckoning is always something strange, impossible, or outright terrifying. One man received a letter from his wife who had been deceased for 3 years. Another man received phone messages from his deceased sister. A woman had visions leading her to the town, visions that would become increasingly insistent unless she traveled toward the town.

Whatever form the communication takes, one thing is certain: something, perhaps even the town itself, is reaching out to people in the outside world. The purpose behind this is inscrutable, and the town continues. Along with the summons, something also provides means of entry. Local authorities did everything in their power to close off the town and block every conceivable entrance. Travelers approaching these barriers will find a convenient gap or work-arounds that the police swear are not present. Instead of dealing with frustration, the police began letting stupid people reap the rewards of their foolish choices.

The Town

The Summons

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